What is kanosurvey.com?

Kanosurvey.com is an online software that lets you perform kano analysis on the features you want to develop. This is my attempt to contribute to agile community and to change the world (help users get the software that they need, help developers do less, but only the right things and to eliminate waste). The website was built after I read the Mike Cohn's book Agile estimating and planning. I eat my own dog food, meaning I use this website for my own and my customers projects. And for those who are interested in who I am, my name is Sergey Dmitriev, I am an Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer.

What is kano analysis?

Kano analysis (named for its inventor, Dr. Noriaki Kano) is a quality measurement tool which is used to determine which features/requirements are important. All identified features may not be of equal importance to all users. Kano analysis can help you rank requirements for different customers to determine which have the highest priority.

Here is really good article by Scott Sehlhorst to help you understand kanosurvey better and another one on ISixSigma.

What is the process?

  1. Sign up for an account for free
  2. Click "Create new survey"
  3. Fill in survey title, and at least one question (a feature you want to test on your users)
  4. Add more features to test if you want (but you can also continue with one)
  5. Click "Save survey" (by default your survey is not activated and therefore not published online
  6. Click "List of surveys" and click on the survey title
  7. You will see the survey URL, which users will access in order to answer the questions
  8. You have to click the Activate button, so that the survey goes live
  9. Now distribute the survey URL to your test user panel, and see the answers coming in
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Our users are saying

I was reading up on Agile Estimation and Planning and I ran across your site.

You did an excellent job developing this site, it is very useful. Kudos!

- Todd Anderson
Software Craftsman
Eden Development

Hi I found the very good kano survey tool. It is perfect! Thank you for the work you have done.

- Kadri Pirn
Project manager-analyst
SM and PO

I was very happy to find your site today - kanosurvey.com. Very nice work indeed.

- Rik Dryfoos
Engineering Manager

Thanks for creating this tool! Made my life a whole lot easier collecting and analyzing feedback for a project I'm working on. Really like the ability to highlight cells to quick find important data points and how easy it is to setup and get started with it.

- Jason Little
Agile Coach

I was very pleased to find your Kano Survey site. These are time consuming to create and having a program that automatically does that is a huge time saver!

- Jenny Shaw
Media and Documentation Specialist